Listed are the posts for April 2005.

>I forgot to mention

>that DD is much better today. DH took a day off to stay at home with her as I felt that I should go back to work after two days at home looking after her. She spent some time this afternoon doing a tap dance whilst wearing my best boots which was good news – […]


>I finally finished the baby blanket last night. Tonight I’ve sewn in the ends & it’s now sat in the washing machine waiting for the timer to kick in around 7 a.m. We’re going away for the bank holiday weekend so I’m leaving it pinned out to dry whilst we’re away. It was a great […]

>DD is recovering & cooking

>After a nightmare of a day yesterday my DD is finally feeling better. She managed to get through the night without vomiting. She had a dry toasted bagel for breakfast & kept it down with her medicine. After sleeping mid morning she’s been on the sofa ever since. She had a few breadsticks for lunch […]

>Very sick child

>I’ve just taken DD to the doctors & she has Viral Gastroenteritis. She managed to eat a plain breadstick in order that she could have some Ibuprofen but then brought it back up again. She’s very weak, is burning up, vomiting & has diarrhoea. Poor baby. I’ve kept her in bed all morning but she’s […]

>Sick house & Secret Project

>Poor DD is really ill. She’s been throwing up all day & visiting the loo. She’s normally such a bouncy LOUD child that this quiet shadow of a child doesn’t seem to belong here. I showered her before I put her to bed (early) & she shivered constantly. She wanted dinner & then managed to […]

>DD is sick

>She came home late last night after an exciting weekend with her Nana (DH’s mum). We were woken up at 1.30 a.m. as she’d been sick in the night. She’s been sick a few more times in a bowl so is off school today. Luckily DH has lots of hours in the bank & is […]

>Fantastic weekend

>We went to Bradford yesterday to visit the The Colour Museum. It was really good & both DH & I enjoyed it. He drove so I knitted Bratz ponchos there & back. It’s great finishing things so quickly. We went out in the evening with 8 friends to a vegetarian resturant & stuffed our faces. […]

>Happy Birthday to me!

>This a short one as it’s my bd today & we’re going out very soon. I’ve just opened my pressies & yes there are some knitting related ones – pics & info in a day or so. DD is going away for the weekend with my MIL on a speedway tour & is staying in […]

>OTN: Baby blanket

>Here’s the blanket that I’m knitting for my neighbours new baby daughter. Sirdar Snowflake Chunky baby blanket in Candy Stripe I haven’t got much more to do but am bored bored bored. I cast on 108 stitches, the first & last 4 are garter stitch & the 100 in between are stocking stitch. I’ve have […]

>Secret Project et al

>Tonight I started the final touches to a secret project which will be revealed soon. A new knitting friend who I met for the first time @ ‘In Stitches’ helped with the final stage & I spent the evening @ her house tonight & learnt loads. Whilst watching her confidently do something I’m too scared […]

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