>Calmer now

>Thanks for the kind words. He’s apologised for being a git, said that he was tired etc etc. I’m not impressed but at least he’s said sorry. He’s working as an offical today at a Polling Station for the General Election so left at stupid o’clock this morning (but still managed to wake me up) & is getting home very late tonight so DD & I are having a girly evening. Read I’m doing everything – feeding all the animals, cooking etc & then she’s swimming so no change from a normal night except that he’s not here when we get back from the pool.

I’ve finished Fay 1. I love the red Very Berry but really don’t like the orange Delight. As orange goes it’s not that bad as it has a bit of red in it but I HATE orange. The pattern calls for 30 rows of Very Berry at each end of the scarf & I want to get 2 scarves out of the 50g ball that I’ve got. But sods law I’ve got 22g left after finishing the first so Fay 2 will have shorter red bits.

I had planned to do a jumper in a lovely red wine colour for DD next but she reminded me that I bought some Funky Fur in Valentino to make her a poncho last year & still haven’t done it. So poncho it is. I’m going to swatch whilst she’s training (I’m not using the recommended yarn) & hopefully will be able to use the Plymouth needles for the first time.

I went to vote after collecting DD from school. I’m fed up with all the party polical snipping that’s being going on in the run up to the General Election but it always happens. I’m interested in the outcome but I won’t be staying up tonight to see which party has won. Last time the party changed I found it really weird that the Politicians that had always feature heavily in the news were gone & there were loads of new faces.