>A bit of good news & galas

>Partially good news re my clippers. They can be repaired bad news is that it’ll cost £86 which I haven’t got. But that’s cheaper than a new pair AND they’re being sent back to me at no cost guaranteed delivery for tomorrow before 12 noon!!! So I can get the dogs brushed, washed & dried whilst waiting for them to turn up. I worked out last night that it’ll be 5 weeks on Sunday since I last did them so they don’t really need doing – not like Annie the Yak but it’s happening anyway.

Knitting wise I’ve been plugging away with Fay two – nice & easy whilst DD is swimming. She’s got a gala on Saturday afternoon after two hours training in the morning, so will sleep well that night. Galas used to be a perfect excuse to get loads of knitting done but not anymore. The club was short of timekeepers without which the galas can’t take place so I took the exams. Now I stand on poolside wearing a white top (I refused on the white trousers or skirt) clicking a stop watch. The older kids always soak me as they hit the finish so I normally go home wet to the knees.