Grooming day or torture (according to Blue)

The clippers arrived just after 8.30 this morning which was fantastic. Blue was first on the table & was her usual awkward self. I managed to fool her when picking her up off the floor by tickling her chest so she relaxed & then I scooped her up before she could collapse. Annie waited in the crate resigned to her fate.

She knew what was happening when I went to put her in the bath & duly dropped to the table. Even though she was bathed less than 5 weeks ago the water was filthy.

After a bath & blow dry she looked like this before being clipped & trimmed. The clippers worked wonderfully & soon the table was covered in a mass of black & tan fur.

a smart & tidy Blue dog ready to escape
Blue then went for a rest in the crate & promptly turned her
back on me.

Annie was next & took nearly half the time. Again a scruffy dog when up onto the table. The water turned black again & she enjoyed a back massage as I worked the shampoo & conditioner into her coat.

I finished @ 3p.m. & just had time to wash my face, arms & hands, change clothes & then leash Annie for the walk to collect DD from school. Annie had a great time in the playground as two toddlers about an inch taller than her were fascinated & wanted to stroke her. She stood still wagging her tail dying to lick their faces.

Blue is now recovering from her ordeal & would like the world to know that she was been tortured (for the record).

Knitting wise I’m carrying on with Fay 2 – I’m bored as it’s exactly the same as Fay 1 (with slightly less red) but want to get it out of the way before I start something else. I’m saving the poncho for our holiday as I plan to get loads of knitting done. I may also take the shimmer scarf for the journey – maybe….