>Bizarre email

>I’ve just received this on email as I run a local knitting group:

“I am researching for a documentary on women in Britain. I have read alot about knitting groups taking off in the UK and it sounds like alot of fun! I would very much like to speak to women who either stay at home to look after their husband/family or women who don’t have to work and basically spend their days having lots of fun! We would be very interested in filming at a knitting group if we can find someone who would enjoy spending a day being filmed because each programme will focus on activities through one person.”

My first reaction was – What planet is this woman on!!!!

“spend their days having lots of fun!”

Most women I know (myself included) work either full or part time, run around taking/collecting kids to/from school, shopping, housework etc etc. For me knitting is how I relax at the end of the day after all that – not my sole activity – I wish it were!

I’ve forwarded it on to the other members of ‘In Stitches’ & so far no takers. How surprising.