>feeling sad

>I’m feeling a bit sad at the moment. Yesterday would have been my Grandpa’s 94th birthday if he were still alive. He died 2 years ago, 8 days short of his 92nd bd.

He played a big part in my life & I lived with my Grandparents for some of my childhood. Sometimes I like to think that he’s looking down on me & my family. He would be pleased that I’m working part-time now as he didn’t approve when I worked full time so that DH could go to University – he said that I should be at home with DD. He’d also love to watch her swim & would be so proud to watch her swim for her city.

I can also imagine him critising me for things I do/have done. He wasn’t an easy man to get along with sometimes but I loved him to bits. When my Nana died in August 1999 & he lost the will to live & didn’t want to carry on. When he finally died nearly 4 years later at least I knew that he would be at peace & was no longer suffering.