Listed are the posts for May 2005.

>Looking forward to another caravan holiday

>In a week and a half we’re going away again in the caravan for 9 days. We’re going to a site on the Northumbrian coast near the most fantastic beach. We went there two years ago & the dogs had a fantastic gallop every morning & wore themselves out. Blue (front) & Annie with her […]

>Photo Gallery

>DH has been an absolute star & sorted out a photo gallery – please check it out under ‘My complete profile’. ‘Fay 1’ can now be viewed in the Gift Stash album. As usual DH had fun taking the photo but it didn’t involve any Addi turbos or cocktail sticks for a change!

>False alarm

>We had a stressful morning yesterday but I’ve promised not to reveal what happened as the person concerned is very embarrassed. Lets just say it involved a trip to the emergency doctors, a trip to A&E at the hospital & some xrays. Whilst this was happening I sat in waiting rooms knitting Fay 2 thankful […]

>’In Stitches’ May meeting

>We had our second meeting tonight & it was fantastic. Nine people in all & we ended up with separate crochet & knitting huddles. One beginner absolutely wowed us all with her tension & lack of dropped stitches, another was knitting a black handbag, another a cardigan in a Rowan cotton, another finished a wonderful […]

>Secret Project et al

>I’m finally unveiling my secret project – my first felting project. Red & black felted bag It started life as 3x 100g balls of black & 1x 100g of red Chunky pure wool from Texere. I had never felted before, knitted in the round or done an i-cord bind off so it was a total […]


>As mentioned a couple of days ago we’re having a new bathroom installed or to be more precise DH is installing a new bathroom which is a small part of our current home improvements. I’ll go into more detail in a few weeks when I can provide photos but I need to share what I […]

>Attitudes to knitting

>One of my colleagues at work is pregnant & the baby is due in November. Previously she laughed at me when I set up ‘In Stitches’. Today I was reading ‘Knitting’ in my lunch break & I love the baby wave blanket. I casually asked if her mum knits & she totally scoffed & said […]

>Busy weekend

>I bit the bullet & ripped the poncho yesterday. DD was training yesterday for two hours so I was able to start again. The pattern calls for 6.5mm needles which I don’t have. I had swatched using 6mm & 7mm & the latter got the guage. I was hoping that I’d be able to use […]

>Do I frog or try & repair?

>I’ve started the poncho for DD & it’s not going well. I’ve never done a lacey pattern before so it took me a while to get my head around it but I’ve done it. I’ve done one pattern repeat. As I put it down to look at the pattern I found one stitch that was […]

>Calmer now

>Thanks for the kind words. He’s apologised for being a git, said that he was tired etc etc. I’m not impressed but at least he’s said sorry. He’s working as an offical today at a Polling Station for the General Election so left at stupid o’clock this morning (but still managed to wake me up) […]

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