Listed are the posts for June 2005.

>Fighting with dpns

>I started the French Market bag last night & anybody watching would have been laughing. I’ve only ever used dpns before for the i-cord (on my first felted bag – see ‘Secret Project et al’ in May 2005 archives) bind-off & handles. I was working with the black Jamiesons Chunky shetland – 8 stitches over […]

>nearly there….

>The awful cardigan is finally being blocked. I have never had this much trouble with a pattern before & hated knitting it. I’ve had to frog it loads of times & am ready to throw it out of the window but as I’m a stubborn witch with a lot of projects planned I was determined […]

>Knitty Christmas in June!

>I had fun on Friday morning as I recieved a parcel from my Secret Pal!!! The contents were beautifully wrapped in silver & lilac paper & looked so inviting. I couldn’t decide where to start so I chose the card Card from Secret Pal From which I think I can safely summise that my SP […]

>Thank you Secret Pal

>My Secret Pal sent me a fantastic parcel today – thank you. But we’re about to go away for the weekend & DH hasn’t got time to take photos so I’ll post some when we come home. Just to keep you hanging on everything is fantastic & it was like Knitty Christmas in my house […]

>Getting ready…

>I’ve been preparing for my next project once this stupid cardigan is finished. I ordered another skein of this in black as I plan to make the French Market bag from Knitty I bought a ball winder a few months ago from ebay but as the yarn I’ve been using was all in balls hadn’t […]

>Secret Pal

>My SP has been in touch & has a parcel ready to send me!!!! The downside is that we’re hoping to go away tomorrow for the weekend (weather permitting) & I’d be gutted if I missed it & it sat in the postoffice until next weekend. Maybe it’ll arrive tomorrow morning….


>I’ve spent the WHOLE day cleaning, washing, ironing (big gasp) & even bigger gasp – put it ALL away. Normally clean washing sits in a basket for at least 2 days just for the fun of it & for DH to trip over on his way to bed. Now I’m sitting on my butt & […]

>Domestic goddess? – I think not

>DD’s school held a summer fair today but she was already entered for a swimming gala. The school asked for parents to held man stalls etc. I didn’t offer anything for obvious reasons but when another letter was sent out saying that the fair might not go ahead due to a lack of parental support […]

>Do I? Don’t I?

>I’ve been sat here at the PC finger poised asking myself that question. The question relates to this on ebay. In the end I decided not to give in to temptation for now mainly as I found it on Amazon in a spiral bound copy. Which leads to my next point – why aren’t more […]

>Yardage nightmares

>I bought 500g of Rowan Cork in BRIGHT orange in the January sales for £9 instead of £49.50 – a real bargain but I hate orange. However two of my friends really love it & so does another friends’ 1 year old son. Before I started scarves for the first two friends (see Gift Stash […]

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