>Lifeline restored & details of our latest trip – warning LOADS of photos & links

>We’re back online again – what a nightmare it’s been. I NEVER watch TV normally but last night I sat down & watched 3 programmes in a row out of pure boredom. I got loads of knitting down which was a good thing so I’ve decided that I spend too much time on the computer but what the heck – we’re back online.

I’m going to pick out the best bits rather than a day by day account as that would be too tedious..

On the first morning I went into Alnwick to pick up some food & also to check out the LYS’s. I bought some Sirdar Denim Tweed DK to make a cardigan for my friends’ son who will be one on Friday & also my first ball of sock yarn!

Denim Tweed & Pattern
Denim Tweed & Pattern

Opal Sock Yarn
Opal Sock Yarn

Of course I had to cast on the cardigan straight away so the planned projects in my bag didn’t see the light of day. Two days ago when DH took the photos I’d done part of the left front & the back.

I’m just about to finish the left front now & am rushing to get it finished as I’ve only got a few days until his birthday. It won’t be finished in time but his mum knows I’m doing something & luckily he’s too young to realise that it’s late.

We spent a day at Alnwick Garden & also went in the Tree House. Unfortunately DH didn’t take his camera so I don’t have any amazing photos for you.

We visited the Scottish border & the kids had great fun stepping from England into Scotland & back again. We took them to a childrens farm just before the border & they fed the goats, sheep & ducks. We also saw some Llamas & DD wanted to bring a new friend home with her.

Opal Sock Yarn
Dogs at the Scottish Border

On a horribly wet rainy day I left DH & DD in the caravan watching DVD’s & playing on the xbox & went up North to visit Moondance Wools.
Wow – this place was well worth a visit. It was like an Aladdins Cave – the more you looked the more treasures you saw.

Margie was very welcoming & I was so tempted to blow my good intentions & use my visa. I bought some fantastic Castlemilk Moorit to make Sophie from Rowan 30.

Castlemilk Moorit
Castlemilk Moorit for Sophie

I endulged in 300g of this & plan to make another felted bag with it. Margie had a great pattern in a Jamieson’s book but it was rather expensive so I left it.

I also bought the Winter 2004 copy of Interweave Knits, The Knitters Companion & a present for my Secret Pal – but no photos here! DH went mad that I bought more yarn as I have loads already but he doesn’t realise how restrained I had been. I could have easily bought 10 times more but kept a mantra going in my head “Your Stash is Big Enough”.

I had planned to visit the workshop of a local felter recommended by Margie of Moondance Wools but a dog related problem meant that I couldn’t. Due to their appalling breeding (both were rescued from the same breeder) my dogs have von Willebrands Disease (Annie bleeds more severely than Blue). She got a minor nick to her ear the previous evening whilst playing with another dog but it wasn’t bleeding when I got up that morning. After visiting Moondance Wools I stopped at Coldingham Bay to give the dogs a gallop in the rain before driving back. When Annie came back to me I noticed that she had blood all over her cheek. A few phone calls later & I was back down to Alnwick to collect the necessary medication from the vets – it was very stressful. 36 hours of sedation & she was fine as it was such a minor cut. I was really annoyed with myself as I’d taken the drugs necessary if she needs a transfusion but left the tablets at home that help when she has a tiny nick.

When we visit this part of the county next I would love to do one of the workshops that Moondance Wools offer on either weaving, spinning or felting.

The dogs enjoyed their gallops on the beach at Embleton Bay, stalking & chasing each other. It’s a great way to get rid of their bounce & I then had calm & chilled dogs for the day.

We also visited Cragside House which is run by the The National Trust.

Cragside House
Cragside House

The gardens were amazing & we drove around the estate amongst the rhodendrums & loads of other flowers that I don’t know.

Towards the end of the week we spent an evening on the beach as the kids hadn’t spent much time there. They really enjoyed digging & burying themselves in the sand. Annie & Blue had also had fun as did DH taking loads of pictures as usual.

the beach at night
Embleton bay at dusk