>Yardage nightmares

>I bought 500g of Rowan Cork in BRIGHT orange in the January sales for £9 instead of £49.50 – a real bargain but I hate orange. However two of my friends really love it & so does another friends’ 1 year old son. Before I started scarves for the first two friends (see Gift Stash 2005 – Fay 1 & 2), I searched for a pattern for the little boy.

I couldn’t find anything small enough so resigned myself to using it all for scarves. Until last Friday night. I was searching through all my magazines for aran patterns & remembered that I had last Summers Woman’s Weekly Knitting & Stitching Special. It has a great pattern for toddler aran cabled hoddies. When I dug it out I discovered that the yarn was Cork not aran as I’d remembered it. I’m 29g short for the 18 – 24 mths size which is a really bummer. But I’m going to go for it & use a different yarn to sew it up with. If necessary I can unpick one of the Fay scarves & steal a bit but I’d rather not.

Second annoying thing – I’ve got 490g of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in a lovely dark bluey purple which I’d put aside for DD. I’d planned to knit Cameron from A Season’s Tale. It requires 500g of Rowan Spun Aran in version 4 which is what I want to make for DD size 10/11 which has a yardage of 1095 yds. My 490g of DB Merion Aran has a yardage of 744.8 yds – I feel like crying. The colour would look fantastic on her but it’s such a shortfall that I don’t want to risk it. I’ve just contacted the place where I got it from in the vain hope that they’ve got any left but it’s a slim chance.

Any ideas or suggestions of alternative patterns anyone? DD is 10 in October but is tall for a 9 year old & towers over most of her friends hence choosing the 10/11 size.