>Do I? Don’t I?

>I’ve been sat here at the PC finger poised asking myself that question.

The question relates to this on ebay. In the end I decided not to give in to temptation for now mainly as I found it on Amazon in a spiral bound copy.

Which leads to my next point – why aren’t more knitting books spiral bound? It’s so much easier to follow patterns or tips if you can open the book out properly without breaking the spine. I hope that Rowan & other knitting ‘leaders’ decide to go this way soon.

I tend to use a photocopy from my book when I’m using a pattern purely because I knit on poolside whilst DD is training & often get splashed. Especially when you’ve got 20 kids ploughing up & down doing butterfly or a kick drill. But a nice spiral bound book would be great to use at home or in a dry environment.

Do you think book publishers read knitting blogs????