>Getting ready…

>I’ve been preparing for my next project once this stupid cardigan is finished. I ordered another skein of this in black as I plan to make the French Market bag from Knitty

I bought a ball winder a few months ago from ebay but as the yarn I’ve been using was all in balls hadn’t used it until tonight.

The yarn from Moondance Wools started out like this

Moondance skeins
Jamieson’s chunky from Moondance

After a bit of playing (me as the skein holder with out stretched hands & DH turning the handle) it now looks like this

Moondance balls
Jamieson’s chunky from Moondance in balls

Obviously just to complicate matters one of the purple skeins had a knot half way through so I decided to make it into two smaller balls rather than one large one (that sounds rude doesn’t it!!).

But as I’m not touching it yet (mantra: not yet, not yet, not yet, is repeating in my mind) it’s now being housed in this

Moondance bag
Jamieson’s chunky from Moondance in bag

until I’ve finished the awful cardigan.

Look here for a close up of the label on the bag – it’s really cute. It was chucking it down as I left Margie’s shop & the evidence is still there.