>Fighting with dpns

>I started the French Market bag last night & anybody watching would have been laughing. I’ve only ever used dpns before for the i-cord (on my first felted bag – see ‘Secret Project et al’ in May 2005 archives) bind-off & handles. I was working with the black Jamiesons Chunky shetland – 8 stitches over 4 dpns.

Well what a farce – the needles kept falling out, I couldn’t work out how to divide the stitches etc. But I got there in the end & here’s my progress tonight:

French Market bag
base of French Market bag

I am now up to 20 stitches per needle – the
pattern calls to move to circulars once you’ve got 50 on each needle – I
don’t think I’ll be able to cope with that many so will move sooner. It’s lovely to knit with & so quick compared with the awful cardigan.