Listed are the posts for July 2005.

>Off & Away

>We’re setting off tomorrow morning for our summer holiday – just over two weeks in Sunny Dorset this year. I doubt I’ll be able to access the internet but if I do will try do a quick post. My Dad lives near Lyme Regis & we’re staying about 20 minutes away in the caravan for […]

>Gift from Oz & Thank you Eyeknit

>Today I received a very belated birthday present from my Step Mum all the way from Oz! 300g of Soft Spun Mohair I adore the colours & it’s a beautiful yarn: 78% mohair, 13% wool & 9% nylon but I can’t think what to do with it. The yarn is from New Zealand, was purchased […]

>Correction on the correction

>I’ve had an email from Debbie Bliss! I had emailed Designer Yarns re ‘my correction’ & received a reply this morning: “Thank you for our message which has been passed on to me from DesignerYarns.I am delighted to hear that you have made the entrelac shawl and dohope you are pleased with it.Regarding the purl […]

>Like mother like daughter …….

>Finally I’ve got something to show on the Entrelac Shawl. I’ve never done an Entrelac pattern before & found it really weird at first. You have to knit 5 base triangles & I thought I was reading the pattern wrong, as they kept curling like this, where they joined to the next triangle: Entrelac problem? […]

>What’s going on?

>My boss mentioned today that his wife was held up entering the city at lunch time as the main approach road from the motorway had been reduced to one lane. As she crawled through the road block policemen stood on either side & looked into each & every car as they went past. Whoa – […]

>I can knit this weekend….

>The postman only had one knitting delivery to make: the pattern for the Entrelac Shawl in the Baby Cashmerino book from from Tess at Angel Yarns but at least it means I can start the Entrelac Shawl for my friend. Nothing else to report apart from the fact that I’m eating a bowl of cornflakes […]

>Knitting progress

>What an day – last night I realised that I was running out of the Jamiesons Super chunky black & needed another skein of Chunky shetland from Moondance Wools. Margie promised to sent it out this morning & also to hold a skein of the purple back for me in case I run out of […]

>Scarey times

>I feel shocked & saddened by events in Central London this morning. And angry. Angry that people can deliberately take it upon themselves to kill & injure innocent people going about their daily lives. I left London when I was 18 but the shock is still immense as I used to use the Tube to […]

>De-Junking & more

>Sorry for the lack of posts recently but we’ve been very busy at home. We’ve been de-junking the house, garden & garage & it feels good. We’ve had piles of bricks & blocks left over from the extension & even some from when DH built our kitchen in 2000! So DH spent the day on […]