Listed are the posts for September 2005.

>Parcels awaiting

>I now have a collection of 3 Parcel Force cards as they always attempt to deliver after I’ve gone to work. One is for DD & I think it’s from friend in Austraila who has ordered DD’s present over the web from an English company. The others – who knows? Have you sent me a […]

>It’s hard being a mum

>I met DD’s teacher today to try & sort out the problems that DD is having a school & I’m impressed. At last we have a teacher who won’t tolerate kids being mean to each other! When she was 8 & had been bullied for a year at her previous school, DD started the new […]

>Which do you want first – the good or the bad news???

>I’ll give you the good, bad & then finish on some knitting – how’s that? Ok first off – a fellow Airedaler has managed to speak to Julie’s husband & they’re all ok in Houston. They’re not in the phone book but luckily I knew where he works so she was able to contact him […]

>An update

>None of you were quick enough I’m afraid. She sent me a text to say that she was finally off the phone. Apparently she didn’t blame us for making them late (I don’t believe her as she said it to me on Friday) & DD was laughing at the comments re Olbas oil. She says […]

>How do I say it?

>Ok I need some help here & quick. My DD walks to school with a neighbour/friend & her daughter who is 6 months younger than my DD. Mum is a nice woman but IMHO (& DH’s) can be a bit self-opinionated & full of her own life. We think that this is because a) she’s […]

>nearly there….

>I’ve nearly finished some stuff but HATE sewing up etc so have patience with me. I’ve finally bought the right coloured sewing thread to sew in the lining of the French Market bag which has been waiting for ages, have one more arm to sew up on Daisy plus a flower & a bit of […]

>Hurricane Rita

>I’m interupting my self imposed no blogging status as I’d like you all to send zen/pray for a good friend of mine. Julie, husband Ivy & son Russell are at home in Houston, Texas riding it out. I first ‘met’ Julie in 2000 via Ebay – we both have Airedales and when we first ‘met’ […]

>Hello Secret Pal & meet Susoolu

>I’ve been assigned a pal & have heard from the pal sending to me – it’s so exciting. No info on whom I’m sending to but the pal sending to me is also in the UK. I’ve got NO idea who you are but I look forward to ‘speaking’ with you. I’ll be searching for […]

>Knitting Groups

>The Stripey Tiger asked about my knitting groups which also gives me a perfect excuse to show the goodies sent by Laughing Hens. About a year ago I decided that I wanted to join a Knitting group as I wanted to learn more & make it more social rather than knitting inside on my own. […]

>Secret Pal 6 Questionnaire

>1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer higher quality and/or natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you? I didn’t use to be but my tastes are now changing. I’m knitting with merino, cashmerino, pure wool & cotton. I don’t like acrylic as […]

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