Listed are the posts for October 2005.

>All I ask is

>Why? ????? [warning sexual content do not click on the above link if you are easily offended]

>Winter scarves & sock progress

>Tess from Angel Yarns sent me a freebie a while ago with something that I’d ordered. 50g in a dark pink. DD saw it as I opened the package & immediately jumped on it stroking it against her face, begging me to make her something as the yarn was soooooo soft even though it was […]

>Dog photos

>As requested by KC some ‘puppy’ pics: Annie Doesn’t she look shaggy Blue They both adore this rug in the living room but are only allowed in there by invitation so she stretches out & goes deaf so she doesn’t hear you calling her back into the kitchen.

>SP – you’re a star!

>Just when a girl needs cheering up – there was a parcel patiently waiting at the sorting office to be collected. My SP has done it again. Look what I found when I opened the parcel yesterday: A fantastic card from the Knitting & Crochet Guild which DD was absolutely mesmerised by: Knitted Afternoon Tea […]

>According to Google I hate….

> my mother the vet and start peeing?!? men and am portrayed as a ball-buster; very strong & capable, and attractive the colours green and yellow the paparazzi the bazaar and shopping in general Pattis because she stole The show at Motown at The Apollo waking up early coconuts anybody taller or with A bigger […]

>I’ve changed my mind

>I’ll do my ironing from now on….

>According to Google I need……

> a hug prayers to cheer up to be nominated for the Kennedy Center Honors to come over and turn your charming studio into a warehouse loft 1000 mg today, and I start my day with cereal and milk a wealthy husband who can provide me with the high life I crave whilst sheltering me […]

>I’m stuck – sock help please

>I’m attempting my first sock after receiving Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles from my SP & using the Regia 6 ply from my SP5 with the help of some 30cm addis from a German Yarn shop. my first sock So far so good or so I thought but now I’m stuck. I have 11g […]

>Thank you Secret Pal

>My Secret Pal has been in touch regulary & sent a great package a couple of weeks ago. I can only apologise for the delay in photos – a combination of DH working long hours & not wanting to take photos, to me trashing the keyboard as I’d just started a glass of red wine […]

>bl**dy hell

>have just knocked glass of red wine over keyboardisdead sorrySPnophotos writtenviacharactermap+mouse 🙁

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