>Long time no blog

>Hello again

Life is crazy here as usual which has meant a lack of posts but the knitting continues. I’m preparing to celebrate National Knitting Week with the group meeting on Friday & still have lots of posters to distribute.

No photos yet as poor DH has been really busy at work & has been walking around looking pale & tired. A bit too much pressure I think – he needs some time off. But keep visiting as my SP is brilliant & really brought a smile to my face when I opened her parcel.

Knitting is carrying on as usual & I’ve set up a group at DD’s school for 9-11 year olds. Rowan are donating a box of yarn & The Knitting & Crochet Guild have sent a selection of project leaflets. I’m waiting to see the yarn before I source out some needles – does anybody know of any companies willing to donate to a school group? The first meeting takes place at the beginning of November & the letters went out today. DD thinks that I won’t get any takers but the Headmaster thinks he’ll be drawing names out of the hat!

DD had a great birthday – I still can’t believe that she’s 10 years old – I don’t feel old enough. The parcel which I had to collect for her was a pirate outfit for her bear. He got loads of other clothes as well including some boxer shorts. We spent Saturday shopping in town for some black & white baseball boots as her birthday money was burning a hole.

We’ve just come in from seeing Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra which is my first ever classical concert. We got the VIP tickets for free so were very happy to go but I couldn’t help think of Tom & Jerry as the music reached it’s peak. I enjoyed it but don’t think I’ll make it a regular outing. The solo violinist was amazing but pulled some amazing faces as she performed