>National Knitting Week or not as the case may be…

>To say that it’s National Knitting Week I’ve hardly knitted at all. I’ve been busy every night this week & am ready for a relaxing weekend but don’t know if it’ll happen or not. Weather depending I’ll either spend Sunday having a relaxing day or gardening as I’ve got a few jobs to do before winter kicks in.

On Monday we went to the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra , Tuesday I slobbed on the sofa reading recovering from my hangover from the night before & on Wednesday both DD & I swam – I did 50 lengths in an hour & have no idea how many she achieved but it was probably did between 150 – 200 in two hours which puts me to shame. Thursday was dog washing time in the garage as I couldn’t handle the smell of dog any more & they both got a wash & blow dry.
My clippers are still dead but DH is hoping to fix them soon.

Fluffy Annie
Fluffy Annie

I like my dogs to look really tidy & and am not used to them looking such a mess. DD enjoyed burying her hands in Annie’s coat tonight but it’ll be harder to keep them clean, anyway I digress – back to knitting.

Tonight we had 18 knitters & crocheters at ‘In Stitches’ & it was really good fun. We had the main room in the cafe & had to keep rearranging all the furniture to accomodate everyone. The atmosphere was great & could have easily turned into a party if the cafe had an alcohol licence. There were lots of differing blue squares including one with an eyelash heart! I’m not looking forward to joining them all together though – ugh. This will be done using using crochet as it’s quicker than sewing & they’ll be turned them into knee blankets which will then be donated to a local hospice, hospital or old peoples home.

It’s definately getting more popular & if everybody had turned up we would have had about 24 people. Andrea suggested a few weeks ago that I set up a Yahoo Group which has proven to be really popular.

MonetAnother member of the family wanted to be in on the photos tonight so I’m pleased to introduce Monet. She is the only animal out of 6 we have who isn’t rescued. In May ’91 a friends cat had kittens & I first saw her when she was an hour old. We had trouble keeping her still as she wanted to fuss around DH & his camera, so instead had a cuddle over my shoulder, whilst I tried to avoid having a unwanted grooming session. What you can’t see are her paws padding up & down on my shoulder as she purred in my ear whilst trying to lick my nose or cheek. As she got really comfy & excited the claws came out so her photo shoot soon ended. She’s a funny cat as she won’t ever sit on your lap but loves to be carried & will often wash the dogs ears or noses & walk through their legs flicking her tail under their noses.

Some good news to end my non-knitting week – the child who has been bullying my DD has apologised to her!!! The teacher spoke to both girls after my appointment with her & since then they had been ignoring DD. On Tuesday the main bully hurt herself & DD was asked to accompany her to the office for first-aid – a canny ploy by the teacher to enable bully to say sorry whilst saving face – very clever. I just wish that DD’s old school had been so quick on the ball but that’s all in the past now.

Plus I’ve also heard from her SP – she’ll be so chuffed when I tell her in the morning. She’s been really upset as she hasn’t heard or received anything whilst I’m wrapping up & recieving parcels all over the place.

More on that tomorrow….