>According to Google I hate….


  1. my mother
  2. the vet and start peeing?!?
  3. men and am portrayed as a ball-buster; very strong & capable, and attractive
  4. the colours green and yellow
  5. the paparazzi
  6. the bazaar and shopping in general
  7. Pattis because she stole The show at Motown at The Apollo
  8. waking up early
  9. coconuts
  10. anybody taller or with A bigger bust than me

Well again the first one is true (apologies to those out there who had a great childhood – I didn’t). My vet Paul is a lovely guy but I don’t want to pee in front of him as I’m really not into that kind of thing.

No I don’t hate men (am just very upset by one at the moment), yes I’m not keen on yellow & I do avoid having my photo taken but have never been chased by the paparazzi.

I do detest clothes shopping, have no ape against Pattis and don’t mind waking up early (sometimes).

I do like coconuts & don’t have a problem with taller women with bigger boobs – I’m not bothered honestly, each to their own!