Listed are the posts for October 2005.

>007 – at your service

>Daniel Craig has been officially announced as the new James Bond. Daniel Craig I’ve been watching his films ever since Our Friends in the North back in the days when I watched TV. Pierce Brosnan didn’t do anything for me

>National Knitting Week or not as the case may be…

>To say that it’s National Knitting Week I’ve hardly knitted at all. I’ve been busy every night this week & am ready for a relaxing weekend but don’t know if it’ll happen or not. Weather depending I’ll either spend Sunday having a relaxing day or gardening as I’ve got a few jobs to do before […]

>Tagged again

>Bryony tagged me AGES ago but better late than never…. TEN YEARS AGO: I was at home with 10 day old newborn baby, recovering from a c section, learning how to breastfeed & cope with a tiny person being totally dependent upon me. I had just graduated with a 2:1 & we moved in to […]

>Long time no blog

>Hello again Life is crazy here as usual which has meant a lack of posts but the knitting continues. I’m preparing to celebrate National Knitting Week with the group meeting on Friday & still have lots of posters to distribute. No photos yet as poor DH has been really busy at work & has been […]

>Thank you Secret Pal & more parcels

>She’s fab & that’s all I’m saying until I can post photos! Also got another knitting related parcel full of goodies but this was ordered by me – info to follow. Lastly a present for DD so that’s been quickly hidden away. They wanted her to sign for it as it was in her name […]

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