Listed are the posts for November 2005.


>Ok here goes… this will be a very long post & I needed enough time to put it all together hence the delay. On Thursday morning I started my journey with two trains. I left the car at home so that DH could take DD training & so that I didn’t leave him stranded. This […]

>Airedale loving Knitters rule!

>I’m chuffed to bits to have found yet another Knitting Airedale loving blogger – check out Bogart who now joins Gracie and Annie & Blue on our very own Airedale knitters blog ring – if their owners ever get round to setting one up! So go on over & say hello Blue & Annie playing […]

>Tiger 1 – 1 Chain Mail

>I haven’t got time to write about The Knitting & Stitching show tonight but it’s coming soon I promise. Instead here’s my latest attempt at Jaywalker. I had to frog the lot as I couldn’t pick up 84 stitches on 2.5mm circulars but it’s working well this time. Jaywalker in Opal Rainforest Tiger I really […]

>The Big Reveal – Secret Pal 6

>I’ve met my Secret Pal & she’s lovely!!! I went to The Knitting & Stitching show on Friday with Andrea (much more on this later) & after a workshop we made our way to the Relax & Knit stand. Sat on the table was this inviting bag: Secret Pal gift bag Fred was trying to […]

>Jaywalkers continue & Harrogate here I come….

>I’ve finally been brave & have frogged my first attempt at Jaywalker. I haven’t frogged it all but have gone back down to the cuff. I’m going to try & pick up the 84 stitches on 2.5mm needles but if that fails will have to totally start afresh. To give me motivation this time I’ve […]

>Tiger 0 – 1 Chain Mail

>I haven’t ripped out the Tiger Jaywalkers yet – I simply haven’t got the heart but will do soon. Yesterday I bought two balls of Sirdar Firefly in red to make a scarf for my MIL. I’ve never knitted with a ladder yarn before & I’m not keen but the effect is great. It looks […]

>Frogging here I come…..

>Susoolu knows me so well! 5 minutes after finishing the Regia socks on Sunday evening I cast on for another pair. This time using Opal Rainforest in Tiger and the MagKnits pattern Jaywalker Jaywalker in Tiger So far so good I thought admiring the colours & the pattern until I realised that I had an […]

>Ta daa

>I’ve finally finished my first pair of socks!!! The yarn was sent to me by my SP5 & is Regia 6 ply in Passion. Regia 6 ply Passion The second sock didn’t happen as easily as the first but I finally sorted it out. I had 149cm of yarn left from the second sock but […]

>Have you ever….

>I saw this on Mooknits & fancied a go: Have you ever… 1. smoked a cigar – no2. crashed a friend’s car – no3. stolen a car – no4. been in love – yes5. been dumped – yes6. dumped someone – yes7. taken shots of alcohol – yes8. been fired – yes9. been in a […]

>Decisions Decisions

>I’m getting really excited about Harrogate as I go two weeks tomorrow! Andrea & I have a girly treat organised as we’re going to the Turkish Baths & I’ve even booked a massage (my idea of heaven). Then back to the hotel, a meal & then lots of sleep before we decend upon The Knitting […]

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