>Tiger 0 – 1 Chain Mail

>I haven’t ripped out the Tiger Jaywalkers yet – I simply haven’t got the heart but will do soon. Yesterday I bought two balls of Sirdar Firefly in red to make a scarf for my MIL. I’ve never knitted with a ladder yarn before & I’m not keen but the effect is great. It looks a bit like chain mail & drapes beautifully BUT I hate knitting with it. Twice I’ve had to tinker back or frog as I keep dropping a stitch at the end of the row. So now I’m counting the stitches at the end of each row. It doesn’t help that I’m using metal Addi Turbos but I haven’t got any short 8mm bamboos.

DD & I are having a swimming weekend – DD was in a gala this afternoon & came 4th & 5th in her races. Last weekend she got disqualified & spent the evening in tears. Tomorrow morning we’re being picked up at 5.45 a.m. (yes I do mean an unearthly hour & it’ll still be very dark) to go to an all day gala which is about two hours drive from here
I’ve already made lunch & snacks for her tomorrow & am going to bed soon myself so that I’m not a zombie tomorrow.

So if any of you are also at an Open swimming meet in the North of England tomorrow & see a woman knitting a red chain mail scarf – chances are it’ll be me!