Listed are the posts for December 2005.

>Sirdar Scarves + more

>Chain Mail is finished: Red Firefly Chainmail 2x 25g Sirdar Firefly in red 20 stitches. 8mm needlesGarter stitchKeep going until you finish all the yarn. I love the effect but got very bored knitting it. However my MIL loves it so it was worth it. Crocheted Curly Whirley: Crocheted Curly Whirley Scarf 1 x 100g […]

>Snow Dogs

>Blue Annie Blue Annie Blue & Annie Public golf course at the end of our street

>Merry Christmas everyone

>The presents are arranged under the tree, potatoes & carrots peeled & stored in cold water, house tidied to within an inch of its life & our huge fridge is bulging. We’re ready for Christmas but had to resort to giving DD a spoon of medicine this evening as she confessed that there was no […]

>very sad day

>After the mayhem of the Christmas food shop, I spent the afternoon at a funeral. One of DD’s swimming coaches died recently. He was a fantastic guy & had time for every child in his squad, very patient & caring with a great sense of humour & fun. He died in his sleep in the […]

>Getting ready for Christmas

>DH & I have finished work – Yipee!!! DD finished school yesterday & is hyper. The tree is up (last Sunday), cards have been posted & all I’ve got left to do is wrap presents which is happening tomorrow morning whilst both DH & DD are out. I’ve hardly been knitting recently as I’ve been […]

>back on track…

> Thanks everybody for your kinds words. I’m ok now but am sporting a wonderful bruise which is so striking that DH called me a Zebra last night! I had already promised a friend that I’d give her dog a wash & blow dry on Sunday so did it plus my two. I was standing […]


>I fell down the stairs this morning & am very sore. I had got up early to feed DD before taking her to an 8 a.m. training session & trying to be organised, carried a basket of washing downstairs with me to get the weekly wash marathon started. DH was still in bed so I […]

>My Jaywalker

>is back on track thanks to Cara – I suppose it was a bit brave/silly (delete as appropriate) to do a patterned sock as a second ever pair of handknitted socks but I will get there eventually.

>Jaywalkers stalled…

>After a mad panic on Friday when I decided that the Jaywalker sock wasn’t going fit my size 7 (UK) foot, I have now decided that it will allowing that the pattern creates a very ‘snug’ sock (but where on the foot do you measure to get the 9″ measurement????) Jaywalker in Opal Rainforest Tiger […]

>Finished objects & the Big Reveal continues…

>Ages ago I knitted Daisy in Pattons 100% Cotton for a pregnant Airedale loving friend in Canada. The cardigan has been finished for a while but needed some flowers sewing on which means a delay as I don’t like sewing. But finally I’ve kicked my butt into gear & it’s finished: Daisy The Entrelac Shawl […]