Listed are the posts for March 2006.

>End of Secret Pal 7

>Whilst I was writing my last post this morning the postman knocked at the door with a parcel It was beautifully packaged but I couldn’t wait for DH to come home from work so no pics of the packaging I’m afraid. Inside a paper Liberty bag I found: Rowanspun 4ply in maroon & gold rooster […]

>Nearly the end of the week

>DD went away on a school trip at the beginning of the week to Whitby. They went swimming & fossil hunting – both of which she has done before especially the

>Mothering Sunday

>Bunch of Flowers Opal Sugar Almond Magic Yarn from Get Knitted card from DD (spelling isn’t her strong point) Tete-a-tete in the window box Crocuses in my front garden

>How do visitors come to my site

>Firstly I want to apologise for my cheesy title – it is the exact title in the drop down menu on Webstats4u the tool that I use to monitor the amount of hits I get & I couldn’t think of a better one. I find it interesting to see what words are used to find […]

>Torture Tuesday

>DD was like a dead thing in bed this morning – nothing would rouse her. In the end DH resorted to licking his finger & sticking it in her ear – she slowly rose from her pit, hair everywhere & body heavy. It turns out that she swam about 4400 meters last night: 220 lengths […]

>Don’t you just love him…..

>My life is so hectic nowdays that the batch cooking New Years Resolution has become vital. This was proven beyond all doubt when we were both ill a few weeks ago & still managed to feed DD healthy home cooked food every night. DD is currently swimming 4 times a week & I swim the […]

>Finally – It’s happened to me…..

>The Tiger Opal Rainforest Jaywalkers are finished: Tiger Jaywalkers Started: November 13th 2005Finished: March 17th 2006Yarn: Tiger Opal Rainforest These socks have taken a stupid amount of time to knit but are only my third pair & with hindsight I wasn’t ready for this pattern. I got stuck LOADS of times but have made it […]

>Still here

>Thanks to everyone for your comments & emails. They’re much appreciated. It’s a real mix of things but I think that Ruth has probably hit closest to home. So close in fact that she recommended on Sunday evening that I take to my bed when I had in fact spent all day in bed listening […]

>One off the list…

>Boat Neck Sweater Boat Neck Sweater in Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran – now on the way to Canada.

>the blues….

>I’m feeling really low at the moment & have done for a few days No one thing that I can put my finger on – rather a build up of everything & I can feel myself slipping downhill. Not much knitting happening which isn’t good given the size of my WIP’s list.

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