Listed are the posts for April 2006.

>Knitting weekend

>Thanks for all the comments & emails. I’m still very sore & now the pain is in my neck & shoulders. I managed an hour & a half at work this morning before giving up & coming home. The thing that seems to hurt me the most is driving which is bad news as DD […]


>I woke up this morning in a lot of pain & was nearly crying by the time I got to work (after taking DD to school) due to the effort of driving the car. My back was really sore & I couldn’t get any relief. After frantically ringing round I managed to get into see […]

>Mothers’ Day socks completed

>Mothers Day Garter Rib Socks Pattern: Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks Yarn: Opal Sugar Almond Magic Yarn from Get Knitted2.5mm addi turbosStarted: 26th March 2006Finished: 26th April 2006 DD gave me the yarn for Mothers Day and apart from going wrong on the second sock when I was ill these socks have gone really […]

>Happy Birthday to me!

>I’m feeling totally spoilt! After a very late night (more on this further down) DD woke me up this morning with a menu that she’d written so that I could have breakfast in bed She also brought in the parcels which have been arriving during the week & gifts from her & DH. Bear & […]

>Over due Easter post

>Last weekend we went to Cropton Forest for a 4 day Easter break in our caravan: We went with our friends who have 3 kids (FDD 12 years old, FDS1 9 years & FDS2 7 years old) & Jasper the dog. The weather wasn’t too bad whilst we were there but we’ve had so much […]

>Thanks Stripey

>I had the great pleasure of spoiling The Stripey Tiger in Secret Pal 5 last year. We hit it off & have kept in touch since the exchange finished. Recently I have continued to spoil her by sending a ball of Opal Rainforest Tiger & the Tiger Cubs as she is expecting her third baby […]

>1st blog birthday!

>A year ago today I finally took the plunge & started my own blog after reading them for ages. I’ve learnt loads of technical stuff, made loads of new friends, met quite a few of them in person & had lots of fun. I’ve also enjoyed participating in 3 Secret Pal exchanges & am currently […]

>The Fugitive is apprehended at dawn……

>Vince I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning after having a horrific dream that Vince was trapped in DD’s net bag (which holds her swimming training aids) with a huge snake. DH & I had been arguing about who was going to put their hand into the bag & save her. He was arguing […]

>Some progress

>Last night I was lying in the bath trying to work out what had changed since Vince last took food on Tuesday & remembered that DH fiddled with the kickboard under the bathroom cupboards & side panel of the bath on Tuesday evening looking for her. So last night we left a gap in the […]


>Vince is still Absent With Out Leave. She ate some hamster seed & a piece of fresh pea on Monday night & some cheese yesterday whilst I was at work. Last night we set up a trap (thanks for all the suggestions) – namely a huge glass vase that my FIL gave me YEARS ago, […]

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