>DH & DD got up at 6 a.m this morning to go walking with his mother & her friend in Farndale, North Yorkshire but I stayed in bed as I had other plans for the day.


They had planned to do the daffadil walk but it has been cold recently & spring has been late in arriving so they only found one clump:

Lone daffadils

The ground was waterlogged as there has been a lot of rain recently so DD got stuck in the mud & DH had to pull her out:

Daughter stuck in the mud
DD stuck in the mud

Both DH & I had been worried that DD would whinge & whine but she was really good & even carried her bag for most of the walk:

Daughter walking
DD walking

DH took a lot of photos including a panaramic but it’s too big to load at the moment.


Farndale Sheep
Farndale Sheep

I stayed at home as I was long over due to groom the dogs. They’ve been looking like shaggy beasts recently & not smelling too nice either. I normally bathe & clip them every 6 – 8 weeks but didn’t clip them last time as it was too cold.

8 hours later I emerged from the garage covered in dog hair & totally exhausted. They were equally knackered, with less hair than they had had this morning & smelling far nicer too.



There has also been some knitting progress on my Mothers Day sock. Yesterday afternoon whilst DD swam in a gala I did the heel flap & turned the first heel. Now I’ve finished the gusset decreases & am working along the foot:

Garter Stitch Rib in blue Opal Sugar Almond Magic
Garter Stitch Rib in blue Opal Sugar Almond Magic

I’m going to bed now as Blue is moaning at me to turn the light out