>Vince is still Absent With Out Leave. She ate some hamster seed & a piece of fresh pea on Monday night & some cheese yesterday whilst I was at work.

Last night we set up a trap (thanks for all the suggestions) – namely a huge glass vase that my FIL gave me YEARS ago, supported on a dust sheet, with some bedding & nice food inside. DD ran a little trail of goodies up to the lip of it including cheese & we put fresh basil & parsley just inside the vase.

Nothing had been touched when we got up this morning & I checked as soon as I got home from work & again no sign. So it’s been rebaited with some smelly blue cheese, fresh food & a date. We considered using peanut butter but DD hates it so reasoned that her hamster would too.

DD has been really depressed & I imagine that she’s feeling very guilty & cross with herself. She has been cheered up a bit with the stories of hamsters returning after two weeks so is still hoping to get her back. DH & I aren’t too confident as she hasn’t eaten the food left out for her in 24 hours but are doing our best to keep DD’s spirits up.

I’ve now finished work for 6 days & believe you me I was clock watching today. DH & DD are going up North tomorrow to watch Speedway & I’ve got to get things ready for our Easter break. We’re going away for a few days from Friday morning & I’ve got the wonderful job of packing the caravan with clothes, food & other essentials. They’ll be back very late so I’m sure I’ll also get some ‘me’ time in as well

I am also aiming to tackle the Pig Sty that is DD’s room in the vain hope of catching a glimse of the aforementioned hamster……