>Some progress

>Last night I was lying in the bath trying to work out what had changed since Vince last took food on Tuesday & remembered that DH fiddled with the kickboard under the bathroom cupboards & side panel of the bath on Tuesday evening looking for her.

So last night we left a gap in the kickboard & a piece of basil & a nut out in the hall – the trap was still set up as normal & the bathroom door was open. Both herb & nut disappeared. This morning when I looked into the space behind the kickboard I spotted a small piece of paper hamster bedding!!!

The bad news is that we may never get her out. DH built a false wall to house the plumbing & the valves for the shower & bath are sunken into this. The wall cavity is filled with glass fibre which is prehaps why she hadn’t taken much or any bedding as she is very comfortable & warm. In addition to the plumbing part of this wall is now tiled & also holds the glass shower screen so it can’t be taken apart.

I’m going out later & will leave food in both the bathroom & hall with the bathroom door closed. I’m hoping that the bathroom food will be gone thus proving that she’s in there & am also going to try & buy a humane trap whilst I’m out.

Whilst we’re away my MIL will be coming over to feed the cats so she’ll also be on bathroom patrol, rebaiting the trap & hopefully freeing Vince back into her cage.