>The Fugitive is apprehended at dawn……



I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning after having a horrific dream that Vince was trapped in DD’s net bag (which holds her swimming training aids) with a huge snake. DH & I had been arguing about who was going to put their hand into the bag & save her. He was arguing that as I have smaller hands I should do it as was there was less surface area for the snake to strike & I wasn’t buying any of it. I woke up & just knew that she was in the trap & sure enough when I turned the light on I saw a small pale brown lump in the bottom of the vase. She was fast asleep & very cold so I quickly put her back in her cage, gave her some food & fresh water & then headed back to bed. When I woke DD later I was the ‘Best Mummy in the Whole Wide World‘ & she’s been bouncing ever since.

After 15 days on the run she has lost weight but has gained in another area. This picture was taken on the day we got her (February 17th), this photo was taken on March 19th & today she looks like this – see how much the tufty bits have grown.

So now DH can decorate our bedroom & the carpet can be relaid. She had definately been in the bathroom wall as our neighbours told DD that they’d heard some scuffingly in the wall when she happily reported her news. I had warned both sets of neighbours that she was missing in case they laid poison thinking they had mice.

Thanks to everyone for their help & suggestions, especially Nickerjac who was the first to describe how to build a trap for her. Initally she didn’t like the dust sheet that we used to lead up up into the vase but eventually she over came this as we put food on it so she had to walk on it.