>1st blog birthday!

>A year ago today I finally took the plunge & started my own blog after reading them for ages. I’ve learnt loads of technical stuff, made loads of new friends, met quite a few of them in person & had lots of fun. I’ve also enjoyed participating in 3 Secret Pal exchanges & am currently deciding whether to sign up for the latest or not.

Today has been a great day. I took DD & my two neices – DN1 – 8 years old & DN2 – 6 years old into town. They all had paper & pencils & we went to the Art Gallery. The kids chose pictures that they liked all within the same gallery & sat quietly (as much as they could but DN2 found this hard) copying the masterpieces. None were recognisable but they had fun. I tinked back on my Garter Rib sock as I’ve made a mistake & great fun was had by all.

Then before we came home I had a quick pick up to make. A few weeks ago whilst doing my job I happened to be speaking to a Manager at a National Chain of handmade cosmetics. Totally weak, at the end of the conversation, I asked ‘if his warehouse smelt nice‘!! After which he took down my name & asked which was my nearest store, told me to wait a week or so & then go in. Well I finally got there today & there was a HUGE box waiting for me which contained:

14 bathbombs
9 bars of soap
1 bubble bath bar
5 shampoo bars

All free for me!!! The bag was so heavy that they had to double bag it. So am off for a bath now as DD is out – spoilt for choice as I can’t decide which bathbomb to use!

I’ve also received a parcel from Australia but haven’t opened it yet as there are written instructions on it that it can’t be opened before Sunday – the customs sticker reads WOOL!!!

Which reminds me – another parcel arrived yesterday from Australia but that has been opened. More soon……