>Over due Easter post

>Last weekend we went to Cropton Forest for a 4 day Easter break in our caravan:

Our caravan, car + dogs

We went with our friends who have 3 kids (FDD 12 years old, FDS1 9 years & FDS2 7 years old) & Jasper the dog.

The weather wasn’t too bad whilst we were there but we’ve had so much rain recently that the site was really water logged & everything including the kids got very muddy. Normally we set up a table in the awning & eat out there but the mud was coming up through the ground sheet so the awning became a dumping ground for scooters & not much else.

children playing
boys playing

DD loved having friends to play with & they went into the forest, played in the play ground & raced around the site on their scooters. FDS2 named one particular slope ‘Death Hill’ after he came flying off his scooter rather spectacularly but true to form he got straight back on & headed back up the hill to do it again In the evenings we had the kids in one caravan watching a dvd whilst we adults sat in the other with red wine

I took the dogs out early in the mornings for a 4 mile walk in the forest & couldn’t believe how thick the Pheasants were. One walked straight across my path & the dogs (on their leads) went absolutely barmy. The dogs have to be tied up whilst on the campside but we kept the back of the car open & they jumped up into their crate to get comfortable whenever they wanted to:

Annie & Blue
Annie & Blue

We took the kids to the coast on Easter Sunday so that they could search for fossils but that morning I got ill & spent most of Easter Monday in bed. I’m not sure if it was hayfever or an allergic reaction to something but a sudden onset of frantic sneezing, swollen bloodshot eyes & a really painful face totally knocked me out. It was whilst I felt awful on Sunday night & sat in our friends caravan with all the kids playing a DVD quiz (very noisy & hyper on chocolate) that I attempted to set the gusset shaping on the second Garter Rib sock. This was a BIG mistake. So I spent some time this week tinking back & have redone it. I’m now working my way down the foot & hope to have the pair finished soon.

Our next caravan holiday is in 5 weeks time & I’m looking forward to it already