>Happy Birthday to me!

>I’m feeling totally spoilt!

After a very late night (more on this further down) DD woke me up this morning with a menu that she’d written so that I could have breakfast in bed She also brought in the parcels which have been arriving during the week & gifts from her & DH.

Bear & Keyring
Bear & Keyring from DD

She bought these yesterday with her own money & apparently had to search for ages to find the Mum keyring – this may relate back to me finding Vince.

Ladybird & Flamingo
Opal Rainforest in Ladybird & Flamingo

These were actually a replacement present as she had originally chosen a a non yarn knitting accessory as she knows that I’m trying to reduce my stash & love knitting socks. However the day after DH ordered it, I received this parcel & DH asked me to choose something else.

These books were from DH & I’ve already signed up for the One Skein Secret Pals Exchange as well as casting on for one of the projects inside – using stash yarn but no further details yet.

One Skein
One Skein

Wrap Style
Wrap Style

The parcel from my friend in Australia (she’s English but is out there for 5 years) was actually sent from New Zealand as she’s been on a 3 month walking holiday.

Merino et Soie
600g New Zealand Merino et Soie

It’s absolutely gorgeous but I haven’t got any patterns in mind yet.

Alison surprised me with this:

Knitting on the Road
Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush

I’ve already decided to make the Whitby socks as soon I’ve got some needles free.

Sue surprised me with these yesterday but didn’t make me wait until today to open them:

Colinette 4ply
Colinette 4ply

dog toy
Blue dog toy

Blue loves her toy but it’s been kept well away from Annie as she has previous convinctions of being rough on toys. Her past form includes: frontal lobotomies, removal of eyes, ears, legs, squeekers, all innards & total annihilation.

Blue with toy
Blue with toy

Whereas Blue just loves her toys & rarely destroys them. We’ve still got a toy that she was given over 5 years ago & every so often I stick it through the washing machine. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t mean enough to tease Annie though:

Blue & Annie
Blue teasing Annie

I’m embarassed at the state of our back door but this will explain it.

I’ve got another treat to come as well. My MIL, SIL & BIL have bought me an Aromatherapy Massage which I’ll be booking tomorrow.

We had planned to go out for a meal last night & I had booked a table ages ago. I was also determined that it wasn’t going to be a swimming weekend. There was a huge meet on this weekend from Friday evening & finishing late this afternoon. Last year I did Time Keeping for all 5 sessions but refused to stand by a poolside on my birthday weekend so didn’t enter DD this year.

However it wasn’t to be. I got a text on Friday afternoon asking if DD could swim in a league on Saturday night & she really wanted to do it. So the meal was cancelled & we went to the cinema on Friday night instead & saw Inside Man – if you haven’t already seen it I throughly recommend it. In addition to missing the huge meet this weekend she will be missing another two important galas soon so I felt it was only fair that she swam in the league.

DD swimming front crawl
DD swimming front crawl

She swam in 5 events as they were short of swimmers due to the other meet & even had to do 2 races that were for 15 years & under – she’s 10 but due to ASA rules swims as an 11 year old. I did Time Keeping & got soaked & DH took over 400 photos. We were up late last night sorting them all out for the club website & local paper.

Thank you for all the texts, emails, comments & a big thank you to Alison & Sue.