Listed are the posts for May 2006.

>Sods Law

>Obviously as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend & we’re going away tomorrow both DD & I are sick. Not dying & knocking on deaths door sick, rather a sore throat that feels like sand paper, feeling lethargic & generally not up to much. DH has been threatening to cancel our holiday but so far I’ve […]

>Bizarre things that lead people to my blog

>As I’m easily amused I regulary keep an eye on how people come to find my blog. There are the obvious routes; words like ‘sirdar’, ‘firefly’ & kaarlund, clicks on links from other knitting bloggers, forums & Yahoo lists. Then there are the really odd & bizarre search terms that somehow lead people here. I’ve […]

>The Knitting World Cup

>I turned my phone on this morning & this text popped up: “Happy knitters welcome twice a month. Enjoy” It was from the manager of the coffee shop where we meet in response to my request to hold the group twice a month. So I had to sent an email out quickly as otherwise I’d […]

>This evenings’ sunset

>Spring Sunset in the Northern Hemisphere Spring Sunset in the Northern Hemisphere Spring Sunset in the Northern Hemisphere

>Welcome back Lady Eleanor

>Finally after much tugging of skeins of yarn & trips to the post office I have enough Silk Garden to finish her. Celtic Cove have been helpful in that they have sent replacement yarn from which I could choose but I resented the comment that due to it’s composition (45% silk, 45% kid mohair & […]

>Inane comments

>We’ve all had them, stupid idiotic comments by non-knitters. To put this in context, the gala on Sunday was pants. I won’t go into it here but lets just say that it was the worst we’ve ever been to & DDs’ club are putting in a formal complaint. I had already had a ‘heated discussion’ […]

>This weekend

>I groomed the dogs, DD won 2nd place in 50m Backstroke and 5th in 50m Frontcrawl, I knitted and DH took photos

>Second chance

>Celtic Cove have found another 6 balls in the same dyelot & they’ve apparently passed the ‘pull’ test. I nearly frogged the lot last night as I was so annoyed – glad I didn’t now. However this has put me off Noro for now & I doubt I’ll buy it again. Watch this space….

>Lady Eleanor on the rocks….

>Total disaster – of the 10 balls of Silk Garden that I have left 6 are useless I had just joined a new ball of yarn & picking up the stitches started to knit with it. I’m not rough with yarn & have never had a fibre break on me before but this stuff is […]


>I’ve been having a long hard think about my stash recently. I know most knitters would say that you can never have too much yarn but I have – for me. It was brought home to me with Lady Eleanor as I’m enjoying this yarn & pattern & it’s growing fast, very fast. Whereas the […]

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