>One of Each

>When I picked DD up from school today I didn’t have a Tracy waiting for me but a quiet, calm child – too quiet. Realising that something was amiss, I asked about her day & was amused to discover that she’d lost one shoe!

One shoe – how on each do you lose one shoe? A pair of shoes yes but just one?

She had worn her PE trainers at break to play football in & left her leather school shoes in the cloakroom. When she returned – one was missing.

A trip to the school office revealed some good news; the renegade shoe was last seen heading upstairs to another classroom as some helpful girls were sure of the one shoe shod owner. The office staff are going to find out what happened to it on Monday so she came home in trainers.

Why am I rambling on about ‘one shoe’ you might be wondering. A very good question.

Tonight when I returned from a most enjoyable knitting meeting (19 people, the biggest yet & requests for a second meet per month) I could only find one of my slippers.

One slipper, not two.

Now we (DH & I, as DD is seemingly immune to mucky socks or cold feet – or so she says) both wear slippers in the house, as we have laminate flooring downstairs & bare floorboards on the stairs & hallway upstairs, due to soon-to-be-completed 2 year long building work.

Anyway back to the slipper, just one.

After searching under the sofas & other possible hiding places revealed nothing, DH joined my search.

He then discovered that he also only posessed one slipper.

We both had just one slipper (left singles if anybody is interested) – which was too much of a coincidence. I’ve heard of couples wearing the same or similar clothing but this was taking it too far.

So we both headed upstairs (in our single left slippers with cold, sock clad for DH but bare for me, right feet) to find the source of the slipper thefts.


There in Vinces’ room were the two missing right slippers!!!

DD had taken ‘One of Each’ & worn them to go upstairs to get Vince out of her cage – maybe she wanted us all to be part of the One shoe/slipper gang

Bear with me, this gets better; upon finding the missing slippers & reuniting them with their partners, I noticed that Vinces’ cage was open – Yes DD had done it again.

A quick scan of the cage & no hamster

We were furious & as the door had been left open both realised that we’d have to go back to the vase & rebait her night after night until she fell in – again.

DD exploded & it wasn’t her fault (again).

A more detailed examination of Vinces’ cage (it’s big & I’ll post pics one day so you can see her palace) & I spotted her at the back of the maze.

DD was very lucky this time.

BTW – for those with young children I can throughly recommend One of Each – a beautiful story about Oliver Tolliver the Airedale Terrier.