>The Knitting World Cup

>I turned my phone on this morning & this text popped up:

“Happy knitters welcome twice a month. Enjoy”

It was from the manager of the coffee shop where we meet in response to my request to hold the group twice a month. So I had to sent an email out quickly as otherwise I’d be the only one there tomorrow night. I’ve had a good response so won’t be on my own & DD is coming as well for the first time. She’s extemely excited, me less so.

I enjoy a night when I’m not mum, when I can just be me & relax & have fun without having to watch out for her, dip into my purse or the other many demands placed upon me. But she’s really enjoying her knitting since the Rowan Parent & Child Workshop & has gained a lot of confidence. Luckily there will be another child there who is visiting the area. This little girl is learning to knit so DD will have the important task of helping her

Piglottie has been organising a local squad for the Knitting World Cup; another totally pointless but fun KAL. I have a friend who is a keen football fan & I can imagine the stick I’d get if I told him!

So far projects under consideration are a pair of toe up socks or another pair of Jaywalkers as I enjoyed my Tiger Jaywalkers finished a few months ago. I have some Flamingo, Ladybird, Parrot or Zebra in Opal Rainforest. But then again all the socks I’ve knitted so far have been cuff down & I’d like to try a new technique but would do a simple stockinette sock whilst learning a new sock construction.

No doubt I’ll be able to talk through my options tomorrow night whilst emptying my purse as DD fills her belly!