>Bizarre things that lead people to my blog

>As I’m easily amused I regulary keep an eye on how people come to find my blog. There are the obvious routes; words like ‘sirdar’, ‘firefly’ & kaarlund, clicks on links from other knitting bloggers, forums & Yahoo lists. Then there are the really odd & bizarre search terms that somehow lead people here.

I’ve done this post twice before but have had some funny ones recently so thought I’d share them with you.

Firstly my ‘stalker’ is back again. At regular intervals somebody searches for ‘blueadt’ & this time used

knitting blog + blueadt

It could be the same person or a number of different people – no idea but I’m leaning towards the former. Blueadt isn’t a word & to my knowledge nobody else is using it so all searches tend to find me. I hope what you’ve found has kept you amused. I’m sure that you know me – if you do, next time we meet, reveal yourself!

fat cats in anger management

found me via this post. I’m sure the searcher didn’t mean to find a knitting blog!

being a mum at 15

because of this & the heart-wrenching comment left by Lucy

“how to do frogging”

found me because of this post. I’m glad the animal mentioned was a frog & not a canine!

photo gallery pool “chicken fight”

due to this meme. I have a Photo Gallery in my side bar & the word ‘pool’ is littered throughout my blog as my DD is a competitive swimmer & I spend too many hours per week sat watching her train which is why I took up knitting again as I was BORED


due to this post about the school Summer Fair last year. I’ll be baking again this year & DD is desparate to sell raffle tickets – any takers?

Moving away from traffic watching – tonights meeting was a sucess given I had 33 hours notice. 12 people including the two children (who had a great time – my purse was opened many times). I’ve also decided what I’m doing for the The Knitting World Cup & which yarn is coming out of my stash – more to be revealed soon.