Listed are the posts for June 2006.

>Wasted day

>Our Electricity meter is due to be changed & an engineer was booked between 10 a.m. – 12 noon. I say ‘was’ as so far (time is now 13.38) nobody has shown up. So I have stayed in on a beautiful sunny day for nothing & had to endure my neighbours horrendously loud voice & […]

>Hamster on tour

>Vince strutting her stuff At the window A girl needs her beauty sleep Her Official residence 2/7/6 edited to add: Thank you James

>Playing catch up

>As I lost the first weekend of the Knitting World Cup due to the Rowan Funky Socks Workshop I am a bit behind schedule. The first sock is finished & the second has just left the toe. I was relieved today to discover that I was been unfairly hard on myself with my self imposed […]

>1st sock nearly there….

>1st Oriel toe up sock

>Stash Enhancement Exercise

>When we went to Buxton on holiday recently my own ‘agenda’ apart from relaxing & chilling out was to explore the LYS’s. DH felt the same re relaxing (not the LYS) but didn’t mind accompanying me. On the first day that we went into Buxton I explored a shop that I’d found last year called […]

>Urghh *!?****

>Why do DD & DH still believe in the the Dishwashing & Laundry Fairies?????? And mustn’t forget their cousin the swimming costume fairy, who rinses the chlorine out of costumes to prevent them rotting & removes wet towels from bags…..

>Oriel evolves

>From this to this; which I think looks like a weird fish & was taken early yesterday evening Oriel – toe & sole to this: Oriel – toe, sole & heelthe state of play this morning after an evening spent with Piglottie Oriel – foot finished just the calf to go Result of an evening […]

>Inspired by Project Spectrum

>My SP has sent me another parcel Delivered to work so that I don’t have to wait until the end of the week it sat there all day calling to me. card from my SP8 Unopened present from my SP8 Present for DD from my Secret Pal Presents from my Secret Pal Bear Factory England […]

>One strike on Stashalong

>After doing so well for 2 1/2 months I’ve fallen but only by 100g I’ve already had my free day this month (yet to be blogged about) but have just agreed to buy 1 ball of Opal Uni in black on the forum where I’ve been selling my excess yarn. It’ll go wonderfully with the […]


>On Friday I collected the two parcels that were waiting for me. The first was from Emily & contained yarn in swap for some Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed & the tweed collection in a recent destashing exercise. She sent me this for DD: Red & Black Opal silk Auntie Mart Angora – ‘Strawberry Filled Chocolate’ […]

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