>Playing catch up

>As I lost the first weekend of the Knitting World Cup due to the Rowan Funky Socks Workshop I am a bit behind schedule. The first sock is finished & the second has just left the toe.

I was relieved today to discover that I was been unfairly hard on myself with my self imposed deadlines, as I mistaken thought that the final deadline was July 7th but Piglottie assured me that it’s actually the 9th. Whilst sat at work today, wishing I wasn’t there, I thought to myself how much quicker they would be knitted if only I didn’t have to work. But I do so other things happen at a much slower pace

I’m aiming for a weird fish by Friday evening order that I can ‘pick it up’, as they say on the poolside whilst screaming for your child who is swimming their little heart out, at the weekend. Talking of the weekend, as of this afternoon, I now have very exciting plans. Susoolu has very kindly offered me the spare seat in her car & I’M GOING TO WOOLFEST

So I’ll be able to work on Oriel as a passagner in the car (picture Susoolu as she drives) & have a fun time with fibre whilst DH & DD watch the football – with added whistle.

I know where I’d rather be