>Wasted day

>Our Electricity meter is due to be changed & an engineer was booked between 10 a.m. – 12 noon.

I say ‘was’ as so far (time is now 13.38) nobody has shown up. So I have stayed in on a beautiful sunny day for nothing & had to endure my neighbours horrendously loud voice & stereo

I could have gone out with the dogs, had lunch with a friend or whatever else I fancied doing. Instead I am now awaiting a call back as to the whereabouts of the missing engineer.

As of next week I am working 5 days per week so Friday lunch dates with friends are over & so is my ‘own time’

If they still want to change the meter it will have to be on a weekend as I refuse to take a day off work for the engineers not to turn up & feel like billing them for my ‘lost’ day…..