Listed are the posts for July 2006.

>Summer knitting

>We’ve had a really hot summer so far & it’s been so warm that my choice of knitting has been affected. I had planned to finish Lady Eleanor by the end of July but being sick got in the way 28 tiers of Lady Eleanor I’ve now put her down until it gets cooler & […]

>Thank you Devon Knitter

>My One Skein Pal has proven herself to be a star again. Last week I mentioned that I’d received a parcel – I’m really sorry that it’s taken so long to share it & want to apologise to my pal. One Skein Pal card & chocolates DD loved the card & laughed her head off. […]

>Good vibes working

>Thanks everyone for the virtual hugs & get well soons. I’m starting to feel alive again but get tired very easily. This was demonstrated last night when I went to knitting club & was knackered by 7 pm! No late night clubbing for me. I picked up Lady Eleanor again yesterday but it’s just too […]

>Will it ever end?

>I’ve dragged myself to work for the past few days & felt absolutely cr*p. I’ve now got a chest infection to keep the virus company. I went back to the doctors this afternoon & have been signed off work for a week & am on strong pain killers with anti-biotics. Needless to say nothing is […]

>Still alive….

>I’m still here but have had a rough few days. I made it into work on Friday but left two hours later in absolute agony. In fact I didn’t feel able to drive so one of my colleagues drove me home & DH had to get a lift later that day so he could bring […]

>Thank you Secret Pal

>My SP has done it again. A beautifully wrapped parcel sent to tempt me but I was strong & waited until a pictures had been taken: Presents from my Secret Pal My pal is a whizz at card making & I now know that also applies to wrapping paper too – look here for a […]


>When I wrote about my Not So Secret Pal & the presents that she gave me I missed one out so here it is: blue paw print stitch markers However she didn’t realise the significance of these. Blue is named after a cartoon dog (full explanation here) and this cartoon dog & his friends solve […]

>Knitting content

>Amongst all the swap teamed up with matching beads. Needles: 2x 2.5mm addi turbo circulars. I made this cover for a friend who stepped in to help us last week. We had concert tickets booked ages ago as was the babysitter (MIL) but as she’d just come out of hospital suddenly that wasn’t an option. […]

>My ‘Not So Secret’ Pal

>In this round of Secret Pal I was sending to a woman who frustrated me. She wasn’t good at communicating & often took a days to reply to emails. She received her parcel but took a couple of days to tell me & as it was an overseas posting I was very worried that she […]

>Update on bad news

>Finally an update on all our bad news. DH collected his mum just over a week ago & she was pottering around very sore & bruised but just about managing. DD was visiting every day after school whilst I cooked her dinner as MIL lives 8 doors from us & both SIL & I were […]

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