>Bad news

>We got a phone call last night from my MIL. She has been walking the Coast to Coast walk from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay. Just over the half way mark her & her walking companion were walking in Swaledale on Sunday afternoon when they had an accident.

MIL was just stepping over a style when the wall collapsed on top of them both. They were both buried under the rubble & MIL had her ankle trapped under a boulder. Luckily she has emerged with just a broken finger, another is dislocated & soft tissue damage to her foot & her friend has broken her arm. Fortunately they were walking with another party who were able to raise the alarm. MIL was at the hospital today as the doctor was trying to determine if her foot was broken & has another appointment tomorrow after which DH is bringing her home. This trip was a year in planning so she is understandably gutted plus in a lot of pain.

Then if that wasn’t enough this morning DD discovered that Vince has escaped again Our 8 year old neice slept over on Saturday night & stayed until lunch time yesterday & one of the girls left part of the cage open