>My first pattern – Mobile phone cover!


knitted mobile phone cover
knitted mobile phone cover

Using the left over yarn from my Oriel socks I have designed a new cover for my mobile phone. The original cover that I got with the phone lasted 6 months before the popper broke & they’re £10 to replace. When I can buy a ball of Opal for £6.99 or Fyberspates for £9.99 I really don’t want to waste money on a new case so I made one myself.

The instructions below are based upon my The Turkish Cast On as the bottom of the phone is tapered. Total 28 stitches.

Increase to 20 stitches per needle, by M1 (lifting bar increase & knit into the back of it to twist tight) at each end of each needle(or an even number of stitches) to achieve a snug fit around the phone, with a plain knit row in between each increase row. Total 40 stitches or an even number to fit your phone snuggly.

Knit in the round (if you’re not sure how to do this on circulars instructions can be found here) until you have reached the top of the phone – don’t go over the top, keep it snug.

r1: K3, K2tog – repeat to end.
r2: K3, YO, K1 – repeat to end.

Knit 2 rounds.

Cast of using Picot Point chain edging (p148 in knitting on the edge)

Cast off 2 stitches, *sl st back on to left hand needle, using the cable cast on method, cast on 3 stitches, then cast off 5 stitches. To end.

Red beads from my Secret Pal 5, cord & other beads from DD’s stash box of kids jewellery kits (thanks babe)

knitted mobile phone cover
knitted mobile phone cover

Feel free to use this pattern but please leave a comment so that I can visit your blog & see what you do with it!

11/7/6 edited to add:

If you don’t want to do The Turkish Cast On you could use a provisional cast on & then use kitchener stitch at the end to graft the stitches together.

17/7/6 edited to add:

I’ve made another one

17/9/6 and another one