>Update on bad news

>Finally an update on all our bad news. DH collected his mum just over a week ago & she was pottering around very sore & bruised but just about managing. DD was visiting every day after school whilst I cooked her dinner as MIL lives 8 doors from us & both SIL & I were doing her shopping.

The little finger on her left hand has been badly disocated & the bone is broken in 5 places on the first bone from the hand. She was told that her right foot was suffering from tissue damage & that it should start to feel better in a week or so. A trip to her doctor & the advice that she’d be better off going go casualty at the local hospital as a referral would take weeks. So SIL took her on Monday evening. They finally came home at midnight & we were waiting to help get MIL out of the car. The hospital had put her right foot into a non-weight bearing cast as it was decided that a bone was indeed broken & she’d been given crutches. However as she’s broken a finger in her left hand she couldn’t walk on the crutches! They did offer her a zimmer frame but she wasn’t impressed & refused. She was also given another hospital appointment the next day for her hand.

It took 3 of us to get her upstairs so that she could use the bathroom & get ready for bed so everybody was exhausted but worried about her on her own in the house when we went home to bed. As the limbs broken are on opposite sides of her body if she were to fall over she wouldn’t be able to get up. She managed to get out of bed, dressed & went down the stairs on her bum by the time DD & I arrived on Tuesday morning to make her breakfast before the trip to school & work.

SIL then took her to the hospital again to keep the appointment regarding her hand. The prognosis wasn’t good & she had to go in first thing this morning for an operation to wire the finger together otherwise she’d lose much of the use of the finger. Luckily that she was operated on first thing this morning so she didn’t have to wait long. She is however in a lot of pain so is staying in hospital over night & will be going to stay with SIL (her daughter) once she’s out until she’s a bit more mobile. She’s now sporting a pot on her right foot & another on her left hand & is obviously very sore.

And now for something totally different:

The ellusive hamster is back behind bars again!!! She’d been returning to take the food that we’d been leaving out every few days but apart from that we hadn’t seen or heard anything of her. Our neighbours knocked on the door yesterday informing us that they’d woken up at 4 a.m. that morning to see her sat on their bed looking at them!!!

So DH set up our trap (my biggest glass vase) in their bathroom last night & they heard her scrabbling to get out early this morning. She had gotten under the floor & was having a fantastic time flitting between the two houses & coming up underneath their bath! She’ll probably sulk for a few days like last time & will no doubt be hatching her next escape within days. DH is planning to get a smooth sheet of plastic which we can lay across the doorway to prevent her leaving the bedroom if she does escape. As her room also hosts the digital server (acts as a clever video) he refuses to close the bedroom door as she’d cook.

Will have to make sure that the prepared hamster cakes that DD loves to buy her don’t contain any nail files……