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>Amongst all the escaping hamsters there has been some knitting going on:

Mobile phone cover
Mobile phone cover in Opal Sugar Magic 1041

Pattern as before but this time I cast on 14 stitches on each needle so a total of 28 with The Turkish Cast On & increased up to 22 stitches per needle before knitting up the body of the phone. Yarn used: Opal Sugar Magic in shade 1041 which came my way via a concert tickets booked ages ago as was the babysitter (MIL) but as she’d just come out of hospital suddenly that wasn’t an option. So this dear friend stepped in at very short notice, collected DD from training, made sure she was showered & hair dried & had her overnight on a school night to enable us to go.

I’m also knitting something for my One Skein Pal but no photos until she’s received it & I’ve revealed who I am. So for now just a teaser…..

Secret knitting
Secret knitting

It’s currently hiding in the stuff sac sent to me by The Stripey Tiger which has proved to be a very useful accessory & travels with me constantly. I hope she likes what I’m making for her.