>Still alive….

>I’m still here but have had a rough few days. I made it into work on Friday but left two hours later in absolute agony. In fact I didn’t feel able to drive so one of my colleagues drove me home & DH had to get a lift later that day so he could bring the car home.

The horrendous pain wasn’t in my chest (that’s still with me like an every present unwelcome guest) but a totally gut wrenching monster in my lower stomach. I was crippled with it & spent the rest of Friday in bed. I managed to get out of bed on Saturday as DD was going on an away meet with the swimming club so I went to see her off on what should have been our weekend of freedom but instead we stayed in as I wasn’t up to much.

A chance conversation with Piglottie on Saturday gave me a clue as to the cause of the pain. The doctor had told me to take 2 Nurofen tablets 3 times a day to help with the chest pain but these cause stomach problems. I spoke to a pharmacist in the chemist as I was running out of the tablets & she dismissed this theory as the pain was too low down (in her opinion) & was more in the position for appendicitis. However I hadn’t collapsed & died yet so that was dismissed. Instead she sent me to the nearby minor injuries unit who prompt rejected me as they didn’t deal in abdominal pain & referred me to the Accident & Emergency unit at the local hospital.

Now I sure most of you have experienced your local A&E & it wasn’t somewhere I wanted to spend any time particularly not on a Saturday afternoon. So I decided to try out Piglottie’s theory & stopped taking the tablets. I last took one at 9 a.m. yesterday morning & experienced a lot of pain yesterday. This morning however when I woke up the worst was over. I’ve still had a few twinges today but not the crippling pain that I had been having. So Nurofen & I had a very short & dramatic relationship – one which has left a lasting impression on me & will NOT be repeated. I’ve still got chest pain but that’s bearable in comparison to what I’ve had over the last few days. And a BIG thanks to Piglottie who has saved me from more pain

DD had a fab time on her first chaperoned away meet. The kids were apparently up until 3 a.m. this morning, one slept in the bath, another on the floor & a 3rd boy wet the bed! DD came home bouncing as she’s eaten all sorts of rubbish that we don’t let her near including ‘liquid candy’ in a canister that you squirt into your mouth – urgh!!! So the next few days she’ll be detoxing I think. According to DD her swimming was brilliant but I’ll find out her times when I see the coach at training tomorrow night. It’s hard to comprehend how any of them performed well on so little sleep & a diet of sugar.

Knitting – well not much has been happening at all recently for obvious reasons. Before I got sick I finished the present for my One Skein Pal & am now knitting a matching item to go with it – my own design based upon the design of the first item. Confused, don’t be. All will be revealed once she knows who I am & I’ll post pics here.

My own One Skein Pal has been a star & sent me a fantastic present yesterday. The only clue I can give you is that DH woke me up by shouting upstairs

“There’s sock yarn all over the door mat!”

Photos soon……