>Good vibes working

>Thanks everyone for the virtual hugs & get well soons. I’m starting to feel alive again but get tired very easily. This was demonstrated last night when I went to knitting club & was knackered by 7 pm! No late night clubbing for me.

I picked up Lady Eleanor again yesterday but it’s just too hot to knit it at the moment. Piglottie was knitting a headband last night that appealed me so I’ve started one in black for DD. I’ve been wanting to make her a headband for ages but couldn’t be bothered to reduce the size for a child & this one is tied with i-cord so one size will fit all. I’m also planning to knit another two for my nieces as we’re all going on holiday together next week (myself, DH, DD, SIL, BIL & their 3 children + MIL as there’s nobody left here to look after her) & it’ll be nice cool summer knitting in cotton.

MIL had been booked to feed the cats & Vince as she lives a few doors away from us so now I’m searching for alternatives. Vince is booked into stay with ‘Rabbit Liz’ who charges the grand sum of £1 per day too look after a hamster (more for rabbits but not much) & I’ve still got the cats to sort out but haven’t asked anybody yet – it shouldn’t be a problem. The dogs come with us & love caravan holidays & love getting attention from new people & lots of walks. Although I don’t think I’ll be up to long walks somehow.

Knitting content tomorrow I promise with photos….