>Thank you Devon Knitter

>My One Skein Pal has proven herself to be a star again. Last week I mentioned that I’d received a parcel – I’m really sorry that it’s taken so long to share it & want to apologise to my pal.

One Skein Pal card & chocolates
One Skein Pal card & chocolates

DD loved the card & laughed her head off. The postman pushed the parcel through the letterbox so forcefully that the jiffy bag burst open & this is what DH saw strewn over the door mat:

Opal Acapulco
Opal Acapulco 1306

My pal didn’t know this but I’ve been coverting this colourway since I saw someone using it at the Funky Socks weekend but was good & didn’t buy it for myself.

My One Skein Pal has given me a variety of clues about herself including her address but I’m still no wiser as to who she is!