Listed are the posts for August 2006.

>Relax – the waiting is over….

>Ok the waiting is over – my last parcel from My ‘Not So Secret Pal’ was a purely decadent one First of all another beautiful handmade card: Handmade Piglottie card This is the 3rd card that Piglottie has made me & they’ve all be fantastic. Then the most beautiful yarn ever: Posh Yarn 100% Cashmere […]

>My ‘Not So Secret’ Pal Does it again!

>I’m going to be really cruel now & briefly tell you about the fantastic present that I received this evening from Piglottie aka My ‘Not So Secret Pal’. It’s beautifully soft, no that’s not enough, exquisitely soft & I want to sit here & stroke it all night – ohh urgh that sounds dodgy doesn’t […]

>it was envitable….

>Before we went away I purchased my August yarn so I was determined NOT to buy any whilst we were away. Hah! I was kidding myself. When we were nearly at the campsite I sent a text to a friend (who I know now to be an enabler) as I couldn’t remember if the excellent […]

>Tolkien country

>As they’re so popular I thought I’d share the other pictures that DH took of the fantastic tree roots at Aria Force: Tree roots Tree roots The whole area reminds me of Tolkien from the impossibly steep hills & passes to the lakes & trees. (Click the panoramic for a much larger image, beaware that […]

>Our holiday in the Lake District – warning LOTS of photographs

>We had a fantastic time & luckily the weather held until the last day of the holiday. As we drove out of the Lakes yesterday we heard that a severe weather warning for Cumbria had been issued with really didn’t surprise us as the rain was torrential. But away from the British preoccupation with the […]

>Yipee – FO’s!!!

>We had a great time in Coniston & got home this afternoon. Living in a confined space for two weeks really makes me appreciate my home, modest it may be but I don’t have to share one of two washing machines with 315 other ‘units’ some of which may contain 6 people!!! Yes you’ve guessed […]

>Farewell for now….

>We’re going away tomorrow morning to spend two weeks in the caravan in Coniston. The first week will be really busy as we’re with DH’s mum, sister, BIL + their 3 children. The second week is just the 3 of us & I know that we’ll need it after such a busy noisy time. Lots […]

>Warning – totally addictive

>I’m off to bed now having wasted nearly an hour playing games!