>Relax – the waiting is over….

>Ok the waiting is over – my last parcel from My ‘Not So Secret Pal’ was a purely decadent one

First of all another beautiful handmade card:

Handmade card
Handmade Piglottie card

This is the 3rd card that Piglottie has made me & they’ve all be fantastic. Then the most beautiful yarn ever:

cashmere sock yarn
Posh Yarn 100% Cashmere sock yarn

100g of Mulberry & 10g of Amethyst from Posh Yarns & they’re soooo soft . You can read the detail on the label here. It’s so special that I’ll need to choose the pattern carefully – I’ll probably use another pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks but which one depends on the gauge it comes out at.

In addition there was a HUGE bar of Green & Blacks ‘Maya Gold’ but I’m afraid that didn’t survive our last jaunt with the caravan.

I’d like to send Piglottie a HUGE thank you for being my pal. I love everything you gave me (the first parcel can be viewed here and here) and am glad that you enjoyed your gifts as well. I really enjoyed spoiling someone I know & had fun tracking down the right presents for her.

Now I just need to find out who my Secret Pal and One Skein Pal are. I’ve search on clues that both have given me & have drawn a blank in both cases I’ve already revealed myself to my One Skein Pal but will wait & do a One Skein reveal in one go.