>I’m still feeling ill & generally very deflated. I went back to work as I’ve had so much time off this year my wages were due to be cut if I had more time off & to be honest I can cope with my part time hours. I feel totally drained & don’t have any energy to cope with this lot:

1 – A bad tempered work colleague who his vented his anger & frustrations at me

2 – A stroppy pre-teen who is worried about her secondary school allocation (decision not known until March next year)

3 – Our housing situation – Do we stay here or move closer to a good school so that DD can be guaranteed to avoid the bullies who made her life hell in her previous school? But if we move our mortgage will increase massively.

4 – Either way the house needs to be finished once & for all as I’m fed up with bare floorboards on the stairs.

5 – Sick cats – Pam is going to the vets on Monday. Does she have cancer & how much will it cost? Tia is perkier now she’s on tablets so she’s not so worrying.

Sorry for rambling on. I’ll be back when I’ve got something more interesting to share.